Who Needs Services for Garage Doors?

Are you fed up with yearly garage door replacements? Do you wish to use the same door without it breaking for years to come? The company for you is BH Garage Door & Gate of Frisco. Our area of expertise is garage door maintenance, repair, and replacement. It’s time for a professional inspection from the experts if you notice that your garage door is beginning to produce odd noises or if it’s generating issues when opening or closing. It can be as easy as your door’s bottom rollers needing to be replaced. Or perhaps you need to replace a broken spring. Regardless, we can assist!

We are aware of how upsetting it may be when your garage door malfunctions. If your automobile is left open while you are outside, it is both inconvenient and perhaps dangerous. We provide a wide selection of services to assist keep your garage doors in good shape so they last longer because of this. You won’t need to be concerned about your garage door breaking down since our BH Garage Door & Gate of Frisco Team is committed to prompt, courteous service at an affordable price.

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The Leading Garage Door Services in Frisco, TX

Call BH Garage Door & Gate of Frisco if you require a garage door service provider and you are in the Frisco, TX area. No one is able to provide greater services than our team. We provide the finest garage door installation and upkeep in the area.

Those that are looking for the best garage door team with a good track record and reliable services will have to look no further than BH Garage Door & Gate of Frisco. As the leading local garage door team, nothing makes us happier than helping Frisco, TX residents during their times of need.

No matter what time of day, our emergency service staff is here to assist you. We provide a variety of system repairs that are cost-effective. Since you use your garage door on a regular basis, we want to make sure that it is always in top condition. You can ensure that your garage door operates smoothly at all times by doing routine maintenance on it. We’ll guarantee that your garage doors, as well as any extras like remote controls and motion sensors, function properly.

We will be your partner in delivering you with qualified and trusted garage door solutions that are effective, whether you need your garage door installed or repaired. Listed below are a few of the services BH Garage Door & Gate of Frisco provides:

Garage Door Repair

Garage door repair is a job that requires specialized knowledge, so it’s necessary to work with someone who knows how to do it correctly. That’s why BH Garage Door & Gate of Frisco is here to keep your garage door in good working order for years to come! We understand how inconvenient it is to have a broken garage door. We’ve been there, which is why we’re committed to providing high-quality service at a reasonable price. Our goal is to get your garage door up and running as soon as possible so you can get back to your busy life without worrying about whether or not your door will open when you need it the most!

We’re confident that we can repair any problem with your garage door, from broken springs and cables to damaged panels and openers, thanks to our extensive experience helping homeowners like you all over the Frisco area. We recommend contacting us right away if you need a new garage door or want to replace an old one. We’ll come to your home and assess the situation for free, so you won’t have to pay anything until we reach an agreement on a solution.

Garage Door Opener Repairs

You’ve come to the perfect site if you need garage door opener repairs in Frisco, TX. We at BH Garage Door & Gate of Frisco are committed to assisting homeowners in as soon as possible getting their garage doors back in working order. Whether it requires a minor adjustment or a major overhaul, we’ll make every effort to guarantee your garage door is running securely and effectively.

We are aware that having a damaged garage door can be upsetting and stressful, especially if it occurs late at night or when you’re in a rush. We understand that you don’t want an unexpected broken garage door opener to surprise you, whether you’re a homeowner or business owner. Our crew is therefore accessible for emergency service calls around-the-clock. Call us if you notice any of the following issues with your garage door opener, and we’ll send someone out as soon as we can:

  • Opener Switch Not Working
  • Keypad Doesn’t Work
  • Remote Control Doesn’t Work
  • Garage Door Doesn’t Open or Close
  • Motor Runs Without Door Moving
  • Noisy Garage Door
  • Garage Door Opening Unevenly
  • Garage Door Opening and Closing Too Slow

Since we have been providing residents in Frisco, TX and the surrounding regions with services for years, we have encountered all garage door opener issues. We are proud to provide excellent service to our customers because of our knowledge and experience. We can install a new one for you if you’re in the market.

Garage Door Installation

BH Garage Door & Gate of Frisco provides garage door installation services in Frisco, TX, and the surrounding areas. We will replace your old garage door with a new, more dependable and quieter one. We’ll help you find the perfect garage door for your home, whether it needs to be insulated for the winter or opened with a remote control, whether it should be made of wood or metal, whether it should be constructed of wood or metal, whether a window is necessary, whether the color should be bright red or subdued gray, and however else you see fit!

We provide you with quick and easy garage door installation services so that you can quickly resume living in your space. As we are cognizant of the fact that time is money, we strive to make every minute spent with us productive and valuable. Since we are aware of how valuable your home is to you, we make every effort to complete the job promptly and accurately. Our team of professionals has years of experience installing and repairing garage doors, so you can rely on them to complete the job correctly.

Broken Garage Door Springs

You’ve found the best location if you’re seeking spring repair in Frisco, TX that’s reputable, competent, and reasonably priced. We at BH Garage Door & Gate of Frisco provide a wide range of services for both domestic and commercial windows and doors. We are able to help with the installation of new springs as well as the replacement of old springs that have been worn out.

Any job that requires fixing broken springs is one that we are able to assist you with. We are proficient in:

  • Broken spring repair
  • Broken spring replacement
  • Broken spring installation
  • Stalled Doors
  • Partial Operation
  • Loud Noises
  • Bent/Damaged Door
  • Fast Closing
  • Crooked/Uneven Operation
  • Slanted Garage Door
  • Inoperable/Frozen Door


You may rely on the knowledge of our experts, who will work with you to find a reasonable solution to your problem. We believe in being honest about your problem and how much it will cost to solve it, thus we will never recommend a solution unless it is essential for the safe operation of your property. Doing this will ensure that you never waste money on unnecessary items!

Garage Door Cables

Cable failure is one of the most common issues with garage doors. They are prone to deterioration, elongation with time, snapping, and breaking. Because the cable is an important part of your garage door and is what moves the door up and down, a broken cable can cause a lot of other problems.

Here are some indicators that your garage door cables should be checked:

  • When people walk by, your garage door does not close completely or opens on its own.
  • When opened or closed, the door made a loud screeching sound.
  • When opening or closing the door, it appears heavy (this may indicate that one of the springs has broken)
  • The tracks have become twisted (this could be caused by a strong wind gust)

Because our technicians are trained to work on all types of garage doors and mechanisms, we can assist you with your garage door cables or any other problem in Frisco, TX. Our technicians will come to your home and perform a thorough inspection of your garage door system to determine the source of the problem and the best way to resolve it. They’ll handle any repairs that are required, as well as any necessary part replacements or upgrades—all at a reasonable price!

Garage Door Keypads

Garage door keypads are a great, low-cost way to increase the security of your garage. They not only allow you to control access to your home, but they can also be used as an alarm system or even a panic button to help you escape in an emergency. Keypads provide a solution to the problem of being unable to enter your garage. The keypad enables you to open your garage door from the inside or outside, regardless of whether your car is parked in the garage. They actually enable you to do things the same as:

  • Examine the status of your garage door.
  • Stop a door from opening or closing.
  • Remotely lock or unlock your garage door

Garage door keypads have three buttons: one to open and two to close the door. They’re usually installed near the garage door opener, so you don’t have to reach up or down to operate them. You can also use the keypad to open the door and walk in when you get home, which is more convenient than carrying your keys with you everywhere.

If you have a broken garage door keypad or need one installed, our technicians at BH Garage Door & Gate of Frisco can replace it quickly and efficiently. Our technicians are experts at repairing any garage door keypad; if necessary, they can even replace them!

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