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Do you require a garage door for your residence or business premises that is not only lovely but also practical and safe? Are there any damaged windows or doors in your garage? The paint may be flaking. You might wish to replace or fix your door if this is the case. The best course of action is to seek advice from the professionals at BH Garage Door & Gate of Frisco.

BH Garage Door & Gate of Frisco has been providing reliable garage door repair services in Frisco, TX for a long time. Our garage door repair and maintenance services are the best, and we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the results or your money will be refunded. We can help you with your garage door needs by giving you efficient service and high-quality products.

We constantly provide the greatest garage door services in Frisco, TX and nearby areas. Customers’ calls come first, and we respond quickly, charge reasonable rates, and are available all year. We demonstrate our concern for our clients’ satisfaction by exclusively installing top-notch garage doors and parts.

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If you need a trustworthy garage door service in Frisco, TX, all you have to do is give us a call, and we’ll set up a free consultation for the soonest time that works for you. You can relax knowing that the quality of our garage door maintenance services makes them worth much more than they cost.

Our services cover every aspect of maintenance and repair for homes. Some of the things we do for our customers are listed below.

BH Garage Door & Gate of Frisco is very concerned about security. We work hard to provide our customers with only the greatest garage doors for their homes and businesses because we care about their safety and security.

We can install a brand-new one right away or help you maintain your current overhead garage door in good condition and save money over time. Please contact us at 972-366-4079!

The Most Affordable Garage Door Repair in Frisco, TX

You shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to garage doors. If you choose BH Garage Door & Gate of Frisco, you won’t have to pay any extra fees in the future.

Because ensuring the happiness of our clients is our number one concern, the quality of the work that we produce is never compromised. We ensure that our customers’ needs are consistently met by forming strategic alliances with the most innovative and competitive garage door service provider in Frisco, TX.

When it comes to garage doors, we always give excellent service. We can do repairs and maintenance for you at prices you can afford. Whether you choose to have your current garage door fixed or get a new overhead garage door, you won’t have to worry about going over your budget in either case.

We won’t overcharge you for our services like some other garage door repair companies do. BH Garage Door & Gate of Frisco has a one-of-a-kind service for garage door repair in Frisco, TX. We’ll show you how to get the most for your money without sacrificing the value of the work or service.

Kys Dowling
Kys Dowling
Great job... Thanks for your help. Fast & reasonably priced!
Kimberly Samples
Kimberly Samples
Bailey did an awesome job with our garage opener installation.
Micheal Stanley
Micheal Stanley
The service was fast and very personal. They troubleshot our phone and helped us to figure it out and then they sent someone out the next day to fix it. Great communication and fair price. Thank you!
John Dalton
John Dalton
Despite a problem with our phone, they troubleshot it and helped us figure it out. They sent someone to fix it the very next day. Excellent communication and fair price. Thanks!
Charlis Tony
Charlis Tony
They troubleshot every aspect of the phone and helped us figure it out. Then they sent someone to repair it the very next day. Great communication and fair price. Thank you!
John Luis
John Luis
I was having problem with my garage door and they were able to come over quickly with the proper equipment to fix the garage door.
Kyler Hayes
Kyler Hayes
We were very happy with the personal and quick service we received. They trouble shooted ever the phone and helped us figure it out. Then they send someone to repair it the very next day. Great communication and fair price. Thanks!

Our Services

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Garage Door Repair

In the case that your garage door experiences a problem, all you need to do is give BH Garage Door & Gate of Frisco a call. We can help you with everything from a broken spring to a missing remote control.

We are able to provide reliable garage door repair services in Frisco, TX because we are the market leader in this field. We work long hours because we want each and every one of our clients to be happy. We will do our best to make sure that your garage door opens and closes smoothly and reliably.

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Garage Door Openers

The ability of a garage door to perform its intended functions is a good indicator of the door’s overall condition. It is important to ensure that the opening mechanism does not become obstructed in any way. If there’s a problem, trained workers must fix it right away. If you are having issues with either your garage door or your garage door opener, you should get in touch with BH Garage Door & Gate of Frisco.

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Garage Door Springs Repairs

If your garage door’s spring is either too tight or too loose, the door could break. If your garage door gets stuck for any reason, it may be harder for you to get it open. If your doors open so slowly that it disrupts, it might not be good for the people who use them.

You can give us a call if you’re experiencing anything like this, and we’ll be happy to offer our assistance for garage door spring repairs

You will benefit from the knowledge and experience we’ve gained after working in this field for a long time.

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Garage Door Maintenance

You won’t be throwing your money away on garage door repairs. Garage door maintenance is an investment that can increase profitability by keeping your garage doors functional for many more years. If you keep up with regular maintenance, you may keep the cost of repairs and upkeep to a reasonable amount. Residents of the surrounding areas know who to contact for garage door maintenance in Frisco, TX.

The professionals at our company are well-versed in all aspects of garage door maintenance, including but not limited to: track cleaning and repairs, replacement parts, garage door numbers installation, Rellet inspection, motion sensors, lubrication, door balance testing, auto-reverse door testing, weatherstripping, and more.

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Garage Door Installation

Installing garage doors is a job that should be entrusted to people who have been trained to do it. We are very happy to be able to tell our customers that BH Garage Door & Gate of Frisco is a reliable company for high-quality garage door installation services.

To meet all of your construction needs, we work with the most reputable and skilled installers in the industry. The garage door installation is one of our specialties, and we can handle jobs of any size and scope, both for homes that are being built and for homes that already exist. We will also do any necessary maintenance on your garage door to make sure you get the most out of the services we offer. Our goal is to help our clients solve their problems in a way that will last.

Make sure to contact BH Garage Door & Gate of Frisco whenever you require garage door installation.

Drive Gate Repair

BH Garage Door & Gate of Frisco also offers services for drive gate repair, which you can use if you have one. We know how important it is for you to feel safe in your own home, so we will never put a limit on how many security features you can put on your driveway gate.

BH Garage Door & Gate of Frisco can work with any type of drive gate, no matter what mechanism it utilizes. Because of this, you can call us whenever you need help with your drive gate, whether it’s for installation, maintenance, repair, or replacement of any part.

Why Choose BH Garage Door & Gate of Frisco

We’re happy to give you a free estimate of how much your repair work will cost, so you can make a good decision before settling to have it done. All of the tools and parts used to fix your garage door come with warranties, so you don’t have to worry about anything in the future.

Contact us right away if you’re searching for reliable garage door services in Frisco, TX or anywhere else around town.

Fast and Trustworthy

Skilled Technicians

Available 24/7 for Garage Door Emergencies

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We Prioritize Client Satisfaction

In our perspective, a company’s primary objective should be to ensure that its customers are satisfied. It should serve as the primary inspiration and motivator for them to excel to a level that few others in their industry could ever dream to. This will set them apart from competing companies. If they continue to focus on this, they will generally always have satisfied clients who will call frequently and recommend the company to others.

Schedule Your First Consultation Right Away!

It’s preferable to contact us first whenever you can. Your needs will be satisfied, and BH Garage Door & Gate of Frisco promises that our timeframes will be reasonable. We can install brand-new garage doors on your home in no more than a day if you employ our garage door services in Frisco, TX.

Our costs are the lowest of any company that provides garage door services in Frisco, TX and the surrounding area. We will ensure that your garage door is secure from intruders and the climate and operates silently and efficiently. Get started right away by dialing the number!

Most Trusted Professional in Garage Door Services in Frisco, TX

If you are having problems with your garage door, feel free to give us a call at any time. You are welcome to request a free consultation from our experts. We also offer a money-back guarantee that our garage door repair service will be the least expensive option you can think of.

We have become a go-to garage door service company in Frisco, TX because we never stop striving for excellence and because we can offer solutions that are both practical and easy on the wallet.

Our technicians know how to fix any problem with your garage door. If you get in touch with us, we can give you the information and service you need.

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